E-Sports Betting Preview: League of Legends Chinese LPL

Seen as regular sports have stopped and slowed down in action due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, E-Sports have taken a great step into the betting community and here we have the hottest E-Sport to look into at the moment.

League of Legends has featured online streaming platforms for years since RIOT Games launched the thrilling 5v5 team match-up game, hosting a series of tournaments world wide year round including a World Cup celebrated once a year.

To qualify for such World Cup teams from all over the world need to qualify by winning matches at respective seasonal tournaments held across RIOT Games´platforms. Currently we are looking into the Spring Championship being held all across the globe. The biggest league competition can be found in the Chinese LPL (League of Legends Pro-League) and tonight we have a great match-up at a great price. Keep reading to learn which teams are facing off and who we fancy as our pick of the day.

Tonight´s LPL match-up brings Royal Never Give Up (RNG) against LGD Gaming. Historically RNG has had great preparations as an organisation seen as their teams have won the Chinese Spring LPL on multiple occasions, showing great teamfight compositions and reaching World Cups on multiple occasions as Chinas no1 contender for the competition. They enter tonights contest as 4th place in the current season after having a rough start to the season but they´ve picked up momentum and are back on track to face LGD who have only amassed 3 wins so far in the competition.

Seen how much competitive level and experience difference found between both sides, and RNGs need to keep their wins up to qualify for the elimination stage of the competition we are fancying an easy 2-0 win for RNG tonight.

Our best pick for the free play of the day is Royal Never Give Up -1.5 spread at -165 found at Bovada, you can CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP AND BET

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